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“I have severe dyshidrotic eczema on my hands mostly… Even more specifically on my right thumb. Its been flared up for over 2 years with no sign of going away. This is one of the first products I’ve found that really seemed to help. It stops itching as soon as I apply the cream”.
V. from Nebraska


HealSticks are handcrafted from a blend of oils infused in-house with powerful herbs that naturally treat the complete range of eczema symptoms — Including: Flare-ups, itching, irritation,  cracking, dryness, redness and rashes.  We created our balms with allergies in mind so no nut oils, we also do not include water or perfume so its non-stinging, we are 100% natural.


To receive the maximum healing effects, herbs are infused  for 12 hours into some amazing oils. HealSticks are free from potential Irritants and each batch is carefully handcrafted in the USA.


Our Miracle Workers :


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** Discontinue usage if irritation or allergy develops.
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Finally an Alternative Solution Using Natural Ingredients!