Derma Wondors Story

After 2.5 year of struggling to heal her son’s eczema, Wilhelmina “Wendy” Schkeeper made an incredible discovery. She found that a simple homemade balm worked wonders on her son’s irritated skin. Now, she wants to share her story with the world so that others no longer need to suffer.

derma wonders story - healsticks


But first…what is eczema?


Eczema, clinically known as Atopic Dermatitis, is defined as a medical condition in which patches of skin become rough and inflamed. It can also cause painful blisters that can become itchy and even bleed. Unfortunately, eczema is often found in babies and young children and the cause is unknown which makes it even more difficult to successfully treat.


Wendy’s Story


Wendy, a mother of five, was born and raised in the Netherlands but now resides in Virginia. One of her sons suffered from eczema when he was just six-years-old. After trying steroids, which did help, Wendy realized her son’s skin appeared bleached out. No longer happy with these results, Wendy made it her mission to find a natural solution to heal her son’s eczema. Folks with eczema generally have more sensitivities and allergies anyway; so it’s that much more important to find solutions that pose less risk of irritating the skin further.

After months and months of endless research, Wendy came across methods and herbs she’d never knew existed. She gathered herbs and ingredients, all natural, and began experimenting with formulas in her own kitchen. At one point, Wendy recalls, her son literally had numbers written on his skin to correspond with the variety of test balms and creams that she was formulating. One day Wendy used a balm she’d created and in just four days her son’s eczema was completely gone.



The Healstick was born.


Healsticks are homemade, natural eczema healing balms made from a blend of oils infused in-house with herbs that are naturally calming. Despite the product’s name, eczema cannot actually be cured; however, with the right ingredients, you can successfully control your eczema depending on what triggers it.

I am seriously so excited to have found a solution that truly healed our son’s eczema and now I want to help others,” said Schkeeper.

The balm has 14 different all-natural ingredients, from beeswax and avocado oil to horsetail and frankincense– each one has a unique purpose. Wendy says one of the most important herbs in the balm is stinging nettle. This mother of five takes great pride in her Healsticks; in fact, she purchases the herbs and infuses them for over 12 hours into the oils. Eczema is also known to cause itching, so Wendy added oatmeal flour, chickweed, witch hazel bark, and shea butter to combat that.



HealSticks do not include water or perfume and all ingredients are 100% natural. Learn more about the product on and read the many success stories of those who have tried Healsticks.