HealSticks Natural Eczema Healing Balm, 2.2 oz

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“Very good product! It will help many people with eczema and skin trouble/irritations. Much better product than what’s on the local pharmaceutical drug store shelves currently. Thank you! “.
M.H. From Lincoln NE


HealSticks are handcrafted from a blend of oils infused in-house with powerful herbs that naturally treat the complete range of eczema symptoms — Including: Flare-ups, itching, irritation,  cracking, dryness, redness and rashes.  We created our balms with allergies in mind so no nut oils, we also do not include water or perfume so its non-stinging, we are 100% natural.


To receive the maximum healing effects, herbs are infused  for 12 hours into some amazing oils. HealSticks are free from potential Irritants and each batch is carefully handcrafted in the USA.


All ingredients were picked with allergies in mind so NO nut tree oils, tea tree oils or citrus based oils.

Avocado Oil: Reduce inflammation, removes scaly tissue.
Coconut Oil: Reduces discomfort of itching and sooths an irritating skin.
Shea Butter: Reduces Redness and smooths the dry and scaly skin. It also reduces itching.
Cotillion Oatmeal: Our Balms include 6.5% Cotillion Oatmeal ! Oatmeal flour will create a water holding barrier, reduces itch, inflammation and softens the skin with antioxidants.
Beeswax: Provides a barrier without clogging your pores. Carries antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties to fight chapped skin & bacterial infections.
(We only use beeswax straight from beehives located in the USA, most beeswax pellets (small droplets of wax are imported from China, we use solid blocks).
Frankincense: Calms and strengthens the skin, reduces scars & protects the skin from getting infected.
Lavender: Sooths while and heals/restores the skin
Anti-inflammatory (heals wounds and repairs the skin).
Vitamin E oil:
Includes antioxidants for intensive healing, reduces stretch marks and scars.
Zinc (Natural): reduces itching and inflammation, works wonders for healing a rash.
Stinging Nettle : Reduces Itch and redness while restoring the skin
Did you know that Stinging Nettle has been used for over hundreds of years to heal eczema naturally
ChickWeed: Sooth a sore, reduces itch, cools and relieves inflamed areas.
Comfrey: Softens your skin, and is said to remove scaly tissue.
Witch Hazel Bark: Reduces inflammation and itching.





6 reviews for HealSticks Natural Eczema Healing Balm, 2.2 oz

  1. B.B. from Mechanicsville VA: (verified owner)

    B.B. from Mechanicsville VA: This stuff is amazing. I’m floored at how good my skin looks on my hand. It hasn’t been this smooth in more than 8 years. So happy”

  2. M.H. From Lincoln NE (verified owner)

    M.H. From Lincoln NE: Very good product! It will help many people with eczema and skin trouble/irritations. Much better product than what’s on the local pharmaceutical drug store shelves currently. Thank you!

  3. V. From Nebraska (verified owner)

    V. From Nebraska: I have severe dyshidrotic eczema on my hands mostly… Even more specifically on my right thumb. Its been flared up for over 2 years with no sign of going away. This is one of the first products I’ve found that really seemed to help. It stops itching as soon as I apply the cream.

  4. S.C. from Richmond VA (verified owner)

    S.C. from Richmond VA: My feet were really in bad shape, i truly believe this product helped. I think the product work extremely well on calming the affected area down

  5. S.C. from Mechanicsville VA: (verified owner)

    S.C. from Mechanicsville VA: Helped with the itching and helped to clear the spot on my leg

  6. awschk12

    E. W. From Hanover VA: I have had a rash on my face on and off for 15 years. I’ve been treated by dermatologists with antibiotics and steroid creams for Rosacea. I’ve also tried expensive skin regimens. Some have worked over time but it always flares back up and I always fear what all the chemicals are doing to my body long term. I began using Healsticks on 9/25/18 and within 1 day I saw improvement. Today is 10/2/18 and the redness and dry patches are nearly gone! It really is amazing! My skin feels so moisturized. The product smells great and I am able to put makeup over it and go on about my day. I am THRILLED with my results!

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