What our customers say:


B.B. from Mechanicsville VA:
This stuff is amazing. I’m floored at how good my skin looks on my hand. It hasn’t been this smooth in more than 8 years. So happy” .


M.H. From Lincoln NE:
” Very good product! It will help many people with eczema and skin trouble/irritations. Much better product than what’s on the local pharmaceutical drug store shelves currently. Thank you! “


V. From Nebraska
“I have severe dyshidrotic eczema on my hands mostly… Even more specifically on my right thumb. Its been flared up for over 2 years with no sign of going away. This is one of the first products I’ve found that really seemed to help. It stops itching as soon as I apply the cream. If I use it once an hour for every hour I’m awake, I find some relief. However, it has not made my eczema dissipate any… Which is really a bummer. Overall, it is very likely that I would buy this from the store on a regular basis”.


S.C. from Richmond VA
“My feet were really in bad shape, i truly believe this product helped. I think the product work extremely well on calming the affected area down “.


B.H. from Mechanicsville VA:
” Helped with the itching and helped to clear the spot on my leg “.